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Chico's Cooking Place


Food truck Requirements: Mobile food units are required to get a permit to operate a food facility. Butte County requires a mobile food units to complete a Mobile Food Facility application. You will be required to have a commissary kitchen sign this form. If you are looking for a commissary kitchen give Chico's Cooking place a call.

Cottage Food Business: The California Homemade Food Act allows some businesses to product their item in their home kitchen. Businesses that operate under this program are referred to as the Cottage Food Operations or CFOs.  Butte County has specific guidelines for items you produce at home. This is a great way to start your business but does have limitations and can be restrictive if you plan to grow your business.

Processed Food Registration Program: This program is referred to as PFR. A PFR is required if you exceed the size limit for a cottage food business or you plan to sell your products to a retail business. A PFR is also required if you plan to produce item that are restricted under the Cottage Food Operation.  PFRs are issued by the State of California Department of Public Health.  The application process can take time to complete and you will be required to use a certified commercial kitchen. Chico's Cooking Place is a certified commercial kitchen and is one of the only State of California and FDA certified kitchens in Butte County. 

Certifications: There are food safety certifications that will be required for both managers and handlers. The state and county inspectors will require these before issuing a permit.

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